Hawking Bags and Shoulder Straps

All bags are double sided and available in olive green canvas or brown cordura. Bag edges are in brown leather, sail eyelets to hold spare Jesses, meat pockets are detachable for hygiene, all sewn with bonded nylon thread. All bag styles are also available in leather. Please contact me for further details.

"The Fenlander Bag" - A large bag made on a stainless steel hoop, lure outer pocket on one side, meat pocket on the outer of the other side.

Sterling Euro
Olive Green Canvas £38.50 €55.50
Brown Cordura £41.00 €59.50

"The Partridge Bag" - A medium sized bag in the traditional mollen shape, made on a straight bar, outer lure and meat pockets.

Sterling Euro
Olive Green Canvas £32.00 €46.50
Brown Cordura £35.00 €50.50

"The Musket Bag" - A small bag for use with Merlins, Sparrow Hawks, etc. made on a straight stainless steel bar.

Sterling Euro
Olive Green Canvas £26.00 €37.50
Brown Cordura £28.50 €41.50

Leather Shoulder Strap - English bridle hide, handstitched with two brass swivel clips, one for bag attachment, the other for holding hoods.

Sterling Euro
Leather Shoulder Strap £20.00 €29.00

Leather and Webbing Shoulder Strap - One brass swivel clip. Available as brown webbing with brown leather, or dark green webbing with brown leather (please state).

Sterling Euro
Webbing Shoulder Strap £16.00 €23.50

Leather Belt Loop - For use with a waist belt.

Sterling Euro
Leather Belt Loop £ 4.50 € 6.50

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